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Bonnie Wedding Dress from BeverlyBride

As you know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Their unique brilliance creates the magic of transformation – the daily routine recedes and the holiday comes. Everything becomes fantastic and magical, which means that Cinderella will definitely become a princess.

For most of us, dad is not an Arab sheikh, and we also cannot count on the help of a fairy godmother. But to make your wedding dress magical is up to us. Therefore, for many seasons, one of the leading trends in wedding fashion are brilliant wedding dresses.

In fact, you can make a shining wedding dress in a variety of ways.

First, you can use fabrics that themselves have a shiny surface. There are plenty of them in today’s arsenal: silk, satin. External shine to such fabrics is given by the warp threads, which completely overlap the weft threads.

Secondly, you can embroider the dress with shiny elements: rhinestones, glass beads, sequins or shiny lurex thread.

Lucy Wedding Dress

Another way is super popular today. This is a fabric with glitter. In general, glitter is a metallized polyester base, glass or synthetic fibers, crushed to tiny particles. They can have a different color, size, shape. Glitter reflects light, and with it you can get a completely magical fabric – an iridescent, fluorescent surface or a pattern with a holographic effect.

Glitter can glow softly or have a pronounced sheen.

When sewing wedding dresses, different types of fabrics are used – with a monochromatic coating or fancy patterns in the form of sparkles.

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