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Unfortunately, brides will no longer be able to come to our cozy salon in Kharkov. Due to Russian aggression, we are forced to transfer production abroad, to Europe, and now we continue to work only online. But we are still in touch! Call, write, ask questions on Instagram and Facebook! We will be happy to delight you with new ideas and images.

Buy a wedding dress online? Yes, of course !

Buying a wedding dress online is no longer unusual, and brides are increasingly choosing to buy the most important dress of their lives online. And this is not surprising – the benefits of such a purchase are so tangible that they outweigh fears and doubts.

Pros and cons of buying a wedding dress online

First about the pros

An undoubted, indisputable plus when buying a wedding dress over the Internet is a fantastic infinity of choice. Indeed, when buying a dress through a bridal salon, even if it is a large salon and it has a very wide range, the choice will still be limited.

Owners select dresses for salons, guided by

  • Profitability of investments – after all, for them it’s, first of all, a business!
  • The degree of brand promotion – it’s known that branded dresses are sold better.
  • Most popular sizes (standard range US2/UK6/EU34 – US10/UK14/EU42 and about 170 cm tall). If you don’t fit into these measurements, then an individual order can be made for you. But it’s not just the extra costs! The production time for such orders from major wedding brands can be from 6 to 8 months.
  • Current fashion trends. Wherever you turn, everywhere you will see the trends that are fashionable this season. But if you don’t like shiny, sequined fabrics, for example, then your choices will narrow down dramatically. Because now it’s fashionable and a significant part of the dresses will be shiny. And if you want a dress made of the most beautiful cord lace that was so fashionable a couple of seasons ago, then your search may end in nothing.
  • You also need to keep in mind – the closer to the end of the wedding season, the smaller the assortment in the bridal salon. No one will order new models in anticipation of a decline in sales.

When it comes to buying a wedding dress online, there are no limits! You can buy a ready-made dress in an online store or find a designer who will sew you a divine dress according to your personal measurements, taking into account all your wishes.

The second most important plus of such a purchase is that, as a rule, you can buy a dress on the Internet much cheaper than in a salon.

Now about the cons of online shopping

Undoubtedly, the main and indisputable advantage of buying a wedding dress in the salon is the opportunity to see and try the dress with your own eyes. After all, how often the bride comes to the salon with one idea of the very one – the one and only dress, and leaves – absolutely happy – with a completely different one, which she didn’t even think about at first.

On the Internet, you are undoubtedly deprived of such an opportunity. And of course, it’s impossible to touch the fabric here, to feel how it fits to the body, whether these sensations are pleasant to you.

In the salon, experienced consultants are at your service, ready to offer a dozen options, suggest subtleties and nuances. On the Internet, of course, there are also online consultants, but live communication is difficult to replace.

Also, an online buy will not give you the opportunity to arrange for yourself and your loved ones a holiday of choice, a small personal show under the famous slogan “Say “YES” to the dress“!

And the last significant minus is still the risk of running into an unscrupulous supplier. Everyone has probably seen videos like “Expectation-Reality” on the Internet. One can only sympathize with the bride, who is actually left without a wedding dress on the eve of the wedding.

How we make dresses online

Dear brides, welcome to BeverlyBride!

BeverlyBride — is a craft boutique studio where each dress is handmade to your measurements. This allows:

  • get the most perfect fit, even from a distance
  • make any dress from our collections or according to the sent photos
  • make any changes to the dress
  • to design a unique model and make it by our own hands

So, how is the tailoring of the dress online

  • You can choose dresses from our collections or send links or photos of the dresses you like.
  • We discuss to the smallest detail: the image as a whole, the nuances of the figure, style, fabrics, color, neckline, back, train, sleeves, etc.
  • We choose fabric, lace, trim.
  • We calculate the budget taking into account the cost of delivery.
  • We send video and text instructions for taking measurements. To take measurements, you will need an assistant (mother, girlfriend, man, atelier, – to choose from)
  • You take measurements and send to us.
  • You make an advance payment of 50%.
  • We start the sewing process.
  • When ready, we send you photos and videos so that you can review and make final adjustments if necessary.
  • You pay the second half of the amount.
  • We send you the dress by delivery service

That’s all! Then you get married and send us your happy photos 😉

FAQ about ordering a wedding dress online

I want to first make sure that the dress ordered online will like me/fit me. Can I return a dress if I don't like how I look in it?

We understand your concerns. Ordering a dress online has both advantages and disadvantages. The impossibility to be 100% sure in advance that the ordered dress is just that, the very one – this is one of such shortcomings.

Sometimes the bride sees herself, for example, only in a magnificent dress. In fact, when trying on, it may turn out that such a dress does not really suit her, but in a silhouette dress she looks much better. But when ordering online, you don’t have the opportunity to try on a sample dress. In order not to be disappointed, and finally be sure of your choice, we recommend that you first walk around the salons and decide on the silhouette and, at least approximately, with fabrics and trim. This will allow you not to make a mistake when ordering a wedding dress online.

We provide customers with full preliminary information about the products – their appearance, fabrics, finishes and other essential characteristics. We approach the discussion of the chosen model scrupulously and responsibly, and we discuss all the smallest details until full agreement with the customer. We will not accept advance payment until everything is agreed.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to return or exchange a wedding dress for another one, since each order is made to measure.

My wedding has been cancelled. I want to return the money for the wedding dress – after all, it will not be needed now!

We are very, very sorry for you. However, our company is not responsible for any changes to your plans, even if the event is canceled for any reason. All of our dresses are made to order. No returns or exchanges, no exceptions. This policy also applies to all online orders.

I want to pay for the order by cash on delivery upon receipt by mail. It can be done?

Unfortunately no. We ship ready-made dresses only after receiving 100% payment.

There is a salon in my city that sells your wedding dresses. But I want to order a dress from you – I think it will turn out cheaper.

If there are our representatives in your city, please contact them – you will receive a full range of services of the highest quality. We don’t accept retail orders from those cities where we have our representatives.

I really liked the dress on your site, but I want it to be with sleeves. Is it possible to make changes to the style?

Since we are manufacturers, we can make any changes at your request. You can change not only the length of the skirt, sleeve or train, or the color of the lining, but also make more dramatic changes. The price may change.

Please note: all changes are made at the discussion stage, before making an advance payment and until the dress has gone into production. If you change your mind and want to make changes after that, it may not be possible or may incur additional charges.

I like the skirt from one model, the top from another, and the sleeves like on that site. You can help?

Of course, do not even doubt! You can be the designer of your own unique wedding dress and design it from a photo or your own sketches. And we will help you. We will show you what design techniques to use so that the dress looks good on your figure, we will select the appropriate fabrics, and, in the end, we will sew it with our own hands!

If I order a dress today, how soon will it be ready?

Production time depends on the season, which means our workload. In the high season (spring-summer) it is standard 5-7 weeks. During the winter months, times may be shorter. Add to this the delivery time. Carriers have different terms and now regular delivery can take up to 45 days.

If the dress is needed very urgently, we offer express tailoring in 3-5 days. The cost of express tailoring is 50% more expensive than usual. Such orders are usually sent by express delivery. It takes from 3 to 10 days and, of course, also depends on the region of delivery. We also recommend ordering local delivery ‘to the door’, or even better – by courier. In this case, the parcel will not just be left on the porch, but will be passed from hand to hand..

P.S. The production time is counted from the moment when we receive an advance payment and your measurements.

I have a wedding in a month. Can you make my wedding dress?

Although our record is a wedding dress in 1 day (and 2 nights!), working in express mode with express delivery is not always possible. This issue is always decided individually. The cost of express tailoring is 50% more expensive than usual.

How much does shipping cost and how long does it take to deliver a package?

Delivery is carried out by services that operate in specific regions. The format and cost of delivery will be calculated when ordering based on the tariffs of a particular carrier and included in the final cost. Delivery in Ukraine is free.

How can I pay for an order?

The order can be paid in a way convenient for you: by bank card, by international transfer (such as Western Union or MoneyGram) or through international payment systems (for example, PayPal).

We remind you that we don’t ship unpaid orders..

We are waiting for you, dear brides!

We will contact you shortly.
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