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Beverly Bride TM – a manufacturer of exclusive wedding dresses, offers to buy wholesale wedding dresses. We specialize in the production of high-quality modern author’s models.

Our company is constantly developing, and the team is improving its professional level. We are constantly increasing production capacity, so we are able to meet the growing demand and are glad to new customers.

All employees of our company sincerely love their work. We are constantly learning, absorbing new knowledge, following the latest and fashion trends in the wedding industry, visiting exhibitions and shows. And we can proudly say that we have the knowledge and skills that allow us to quickly respond to changes, to produce high-quality fashionable stylish trendy wedding dresses that can please any fashionista in your city and at the same time are not inferior in quality to well-known European or American brands.


We invite you to cooperate with wedding salons. The terms of cooperation are very flexible. The main provisions are listed here, but each of our clients is individual and personal work is carried out with each.

  • All our wholesale customers are divided into “Retailers” and “Exclusive Representatives“. We are focused on long-term cooperation, so we try to work so that each client becomes our friend. Each client is provided with marketing support from our company.
  • Regardless of the status – “Retailer” or “Exclusive Representative” – ​​all retail buyers from your city who contact us directly will be redirected to your showrooms. We do not ship retail orders to cities where we have representatives.
  • For your clients, you can order dresses according to our catalogs, as well as exclusive individual tailoring. In the case of an “Exclusive Order“, we will develop and sew any dress of any complexity and from any materials available to order for your most demanding clients. Exclusive orders do not count towards the total number of dresses you order monthly.
  • All dresses made according to catalogs are made according to the individual measurements of your clients, with the ability to make certain changes (available colors, materials, train length, etc.). You don’t have to adjust or alter our dresses – they will fit perfectly.
  • We adhere to a differentiated pricing policy – so we can take into account all the features of your region and your business. 


If you represent a multi-brand boutique, you can order from 3 of our dresses from any collection monthly, at prices for small wholesale buyers. For new customers, there is the possibility of a trial order for review.

In each city, we can cooperate with several retail stores. We cannot provide you with the status of a retailer if there is our exclusive representative in your city.


The status of an exclusive representative ensures that we do not cooperate with other salons in your city, and you get a competitive advantage. We will also provide you with additional, very favorable conditions.

Exclusive representatives order at least 10 models per month at special prices, and also receive a priority opportunity to order dresses from new collections that are not yet presented on the site. For them, closed online shows of new models are held.


You can place an order in a form convenient for you:
  • send a message to our email
  • call by phone / skype
  • send a message via Viber, Whatsapp or via social networks to private messages.
Production time

The standard lead time is 2-3 weeks, but due to seasonal workload, the lead time may vary. Upon confirmation of the order, you will immediately receive complete and comprehensive information on your order.


Prepayment 50% + 50% upon the readiness of the order, or 100% prepayment. Cash or non-cash settlement. For different countries there are accounts in different banks, everything is negotiated.

Discount system

For regular wholesale customers there is a flexible system of discounts, and for exclusive representatives – an individual loyalty program, a very attractive bonus system and gifts.


Delivery across Ukraine is made by any convenient delivery service: UkrPoshta, NovayaPoshta, Intime or other transport companies convenient for you.

For customers from Russia and the CIS countries, we deliver products by courier to Belgorod or Moscow, and then with the help of any transport company convenient for the customer. This is negotiated individually with each city.

For delivery to the countries of Europe, USA, South America, Australia, Israel, any convenient delivery service is chosen: Ukrposhta (air), EMS.



Are there any additions or changes to the models?

Yes, it is possible to make changes. When ordering, everything is discussed: sleeve length, dress length, color, lining, combination (corset from one model, skirt from another), etc. All changes can be made at the stage forming an order - until the moment when the dress went into production. If the customer wants to make changes later, this will increase the cost (if such changes are possible at all).

What sizes do you sew?

Sizes are in accordance with the standard sizing chart. As for the sewing patterns, we build them according to our own technology, which allows us to achieve the perfect fit of the dresses.

What fabrics and accessories are used

We only use high quality fabrics and accessories that are purchased in bulk in Europe. For some, exclusive orders are possible, hand made painting fabrics, hand embroidery, etc.

I am worried about the quality of sewing a wedding dress

We understand you - there is no more unpleasant surprise than to find that the long-awaited dress does not look better than the cheapest craft from the local market Dresses are: cheap fabrics of poor quality, rhinestones, somehow stuck appliques If the dress has been in warehouses for a long time, glue may begin to turn yellow, and fabrics may form folds and drips due to poor storage conditions Poor fittings: crooked snakes, broken corset bones, rusty hooks, etc. Uneven / rough seams, not suitable for delicate materials, protruding threads What we do: We only use high quality fabrics and accessories cheers. Hand finishing only. Our employees are high-class professionals. How can you be sure of the quality of your order in advance? It's very simple: we will show you any stage of creating your dress alive for you personally 🙂

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