Dear colleagues, BeverlyBrideTM invites you to cooperate.

Partner Program

Don’t run your business alone in such a difficult period. We invite you to join our current BeverlyBrideTM Authorized Sellers Partner Program to empower your bridal business. By becoming our official representative, you will receive many competitive advantages without incurring risks.

BeverlyBrideTM is a Ukrainian wedding brand that has its own full-cycle production: from the development of new models to the delivery of finished products to the door.

Who is this Program for?

Authorized Resellers BeverlyBrideTM may be local bridal/retail stores that arrange for the sale of BeverlyBride products to end consumers through offline sales and/or through their own site/online store.

You may not sell BeverlyBrideTM products through marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Walmart, AliExpress, or any other online store other than those owned by Authorized Resellers.

Authorized BeverlyBride Resellers may be either a “Retailer” or “Exclusive Representative.

  • The Exclusive Representative is the only representative in the region with the exclusive right to sell BeverlyBride products
  • The Retailer receives a non-exclusive right to sell BeverlyBride products in a limited area. The status of the Retailer can have several stores in the region. Retailer status cannot be obtained, if there is our Exclusive Representative in the region.

Benefits of the Partner Program for your business

Cooperating with BeverlyBrideTM, you get:

Quality stylish products

  • Stylish designer dresses with a perfect fit
  • Original unique models, different styles and trends
  • Constant updating of the range
  • Wide range of sizes including Plus size
  • Individual production and production in limited editions
  • Impeccable quality of materials and handwork
  • High-quality manual decoration
  • 100% quality control

Full personalization and individual approach to each client

  • Making a dress according to the individual measurements of your client
  • A wide range of individual modifications according to the wishes of your client

Minimum order quantity, loyal prices and convenient payment option

  • The minimum monthly order quantity (MOQ) is only 3 units for a Retailer and 10 units for an Exclusive Representative.
  • Possibility of urgent re-order from 1 unit.
  • Wholesale prices and progressive cumulative discount scale depending on sales volumes.
  • Special cost optimization program
  • Bonuses and loyalty program
  • Staged payment for the order – 50% upon placement and 50% before shipping the finished product.
  • BeverlyBride does not regulate the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) – you set the margin yourself.
  • Convenient form of payment – bank transfer, online card payment, international transfer (such as Western Union or MoneyGram) or through international payment systems (such as PayPal).

Prompt order processing. 3 times faster than competitors

  • Production of the order within 8-10 weeks in the high season and 5-8 in the off season.
  • Possibility of urgent production of the order within 5 days.

Delivery to your door

  • The best delivery option worldwide, including courier.

Marketing support

  • All Authorized Resellers receive a Brand Authorized Certificate
  • We will provide photo and video content necessary for advertising and brand promotion, for placement on your website and in your networks.
  • All Authorized Sellers have the opportunity to view and place an order for models that are not yet presented on the site.
  • Customer service and support 7 days a week.
  • All retail customers in your region who contact us directly will be redirected to your showrooms. We do not ship retail orders to regions where we have representatives.

How the BeverlyBride Affiliate Program Reduces Costs and Increases Sales

As a rule, salons offer the consumer dresses of standard sizes from the manufacturer. As a result, up to 95% of finished wedding dresses undergo additional alteration. This leads to additional maintenance costs and causes a negative attitude from the consumer.

It must be admitted that in most cases these complaints are justified. Firstly, the consumer bears significant additional financial costs, often commensurate with the cost of the wedding dress itself. Secondly, he loses a lot of time, but the saddest thing is that such alterations sometimes end in failure.

BeverlyBride’s personalization policy is that we make wedding dresses directly to your client’s measurements. In this case, the fit of the dress will be almost perfect – the need for alteration is reduced from 95 to 10-5%. At the same time, there is no need to redo the most complex and problematic details that affect the fit and appearance of the dress – bodice, back, hips. In most cases, it remains to adjust the length, which almost any seamstress can do.

Personalization is the perfect way to build a relationship with a client. Especially when the bride is such a client. The use of personalization gives the wedding business an undeniable competitive advantage.

Statistically, personalization

  • increases the number of purchases (in 8 out of 10 cases, the client makes a purchase if the salon offered him a dress to order. And for a number of categories, such as Size Plus, a custom order is generally the only way to buy a beautiful dress)
  • allows the salon to increase the average check (4 out of 10 clients increase the average check if personal sales are established in the salon)
  • launches a chain of sales of related products
  • increases salon revenue growth (7 out of 10 salons that personalize sales report revenue growth).
  • the time for servicing one client is reduced, which saves money for both the salon and the client (the average number of visits to a wedding salon by a client to fully satisfy their goals when buying dresses in standard sizes is 3.6. Add to this 3-4 trips to the dressmaker. Implementation personalization reduces the total number of hits by 20-30%).
  • reduces costs – both for the salon and for the client. The salon does not bear the cost of additional maintenance, the client does not spend the next budget on alterations
  • makes the client his personal friend. Which, in turn, launches “word of mouth” – the most effective of all types of advertising for this business.
  • A personalized approach is more beneficial than the aggressive selling that many customers complain about. Personalization significantly reduces the number of negative reviews.


Can I join your Program if I'm just going to open my own boutique?

Of course. Our Program is permanent and open to everyone, both newcomers to the industry and existing salons.

I sell via Instagram and Facebook, but I don't have an offline salon. Can I represent your brand?

By offering the BeverlyBride Affiliate Program, we wanted to give brides all over the world the opportunity to touch our products live – to try on, to consider, to appreciate their beauty. That is, to use all the advantages that offline trading and live communication with a qualified consultant gives. If you provide your customers with such an opportunity, using, for example, direct sales or home sales, then you can represent us, but only in a certain area limited by your physical presence.

At the same time, your obligations for the monthly volume of purchases remain the same as with other Retailers.

We remind you that placing our products on marketplaces is prohibited. To clarify all the details, please contact us in any convenient way

I have a multi-brand boutique and in my salon I offer dresses from famous wedding brands. According to the contract, their dresses are ordered to the nearest size based on the measurements taken, and not to the exact measurements of the client. So how is your approach different?

Only a small part of people perfectly match the measurements laid down in the standard parameters. Almost everyone has some sort of deviation from the average. Their measurements may also fall between standard sizes – for example, bust may be US4 and hips US6. In addition, human bodies tend to change constantly.

But when we’re dealing with a dress as special as a wedding dress, the only acceptable option is the perfect fit.

Personalization, which is the most important part of our Program, lies precisely in the fact that we make an order exactly according to the individual measurements of the client, and not according to the nearest standard size.

In addition, your client also has the opportunity to request a wide range of changes to the standard style. The advantages of this approach are undeniable – the bride receives a perfectly fitting dress, and at the same time exactly the way she wanted

What is your secret? How do you achieve the perfect fit without trying it on?

There is no special secret. The ideal fit first of all depends on the pattern according to which the dress is cut out. Large manufacturers who produce dresses in mass runs use patterns designed for their standard sizes.

And we build patterns for each client individually, according to his exact measurements. We build all patterns ourselves, according to proprietary Israeli technology. This is a laborious process, but without this the dress will not fit perfectly. Over the years, we have gained considerable experience, and now we successfully sew dresses without trying them on.

Do your dresses require no fitting at all?

Our dresses ALMOST do not require alteration. More often than not, the final length is left undefined – your seamstress will have to adjust it on the spot.

It is especially difficult to remake dresses made of fabrics with a large rapport, or when it has a complex decor, etc. In such cases, reworking often distorts the proportions, and sometimes it is not possible at all.

Such dresses will only fit well if they are tailored to the exact measurements of the client. In any case, the most difficult zones, on which the fit depends, will not have to be redone in our dresses

I'm not sure that such maximum personalization is suitable for me – I think it will add additional worries to my work.

OK, look. In any case, you take measurements from the client and transfer them to the manufacturer. That’s all we need. That is, your salesperson’s work at this stage has no additional differences from the traditional process. All the fun begins after receiving the order, when your client tries on a perfectly fitting dress. Your clients will definitely appreciate the difference!

I liked your dresses, and the terms of cooperation are attractive. But I want to keep my previous sales model and not use such maximum personification. In this case, can I become a retailer of your brand?

In no case do we impose our personalization model on anyone – you continue to run your business as you see fit.

By the way, please note that we do not set MSRP (manufacturer’s recommended retail price) for our Authorized Sellers – the owner makes decisions on the amount of margin completely independently. We will be glad to see you among our representatives. In this case, you simply order a specified number of our products each month – all other aspects of running the business are at your discretion.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is the purchase of several identical units of the same article? Is there a minimum order amount?

No, MOQ is the total number of units in an order. It can be both different articles, and one and the same. For Retailers, MOQ is from 3, for Exclusive Representatives – from 10 units of any of our dresses: any size/color, from any collection. The minimum order amount (minimum order amount) is not set.

I don't know how your dresses will sell. For testing, I could take a few samples on consignment.

Thank you, but we do not consider such a model of cooperation.

Does the wholesale price include shipping costs?

No, the selling price is DAP (Delivered at Place), as this term is defined in Incoterms 2020 of the International Chamber of Commerce. All other costs, including shipping costs, duties, taxes, or other liabilities or expenses, are not included in the selling price. These are all costs to the buyer.

What sizes do you sew?

Standard range for our models: US2/UK6/EU34 – US10/UK14/EU42. Sizes larger than indicated are Plus Size.

Many of our models can be made in sizes up to US16/UK20/EU48. However, there are some models that cannot be made in Plus Size. In any case, we make Plus Size only according to individual measurements.

We will contact you shortly.
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